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12 Unique Wooden Pallet Project Ideas

From planting a small flower garden to sprucing up your outdoor furniture, many of these wooden pallet projects will take you less than a day to complete and some may not cost you anything at all if you have a few basic supplies on hand. Go ahead and get ready for summer by adding some beauty to your outdoors.

Make Mini Grills for the Back Deck

These are perfect for smaller cookouts when you have just a small handful of friends and family over or if you really wanted to create several, you could use them for larger get-togethers as well. This particular one is a centerpiece that features three mini grills and it’s perfect for the backyard patio.

Make Mini Grills for the Back Deck Make Mini Grills for the Back Deck

Build a Pallet Lounge Chair

Pallets are perfect for just about any building and DIY project. If you need lounge chairs for the back yard and you have a few pallets sitting around going unused, you can build wonderful loungers from those pallets.

Pallet Lounge Chair Pallet Lounge Chair

Modern Swing Set

If you prefer the modern look, this is a great project for your back yard. The swing set itself has a really neat contemporary look that can be painted any color to match your preferences. It’s in an A frame design and holds as many swings as you want it to depending on how wide you make it. If you need a swing set and you want to save money, this is a great project.

Modern Swing Set Modern Swing Set

Build Your Own Wood Fired Hot Tub

This one is a DIY hot tub and one that is fueled by wood so there is no need to run electricity or have a gas outlet. You can heat up the water or leave it cool for a refreshing dip during the hotter part of the summer days.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Wood Fired Hot Tub

Build a Deck Pergola

A pergola will instantly improve the look of your deck and make your entire back yard seem more interesting. And, it’s something that is really easy to build and probably much less expensive than you may think.

Deck Pergola Deck Pergola

Create a Fire Pit Tabletop Display

Having a fire pit in the backyard is great and all, but what about up on the deck? You can create little mini fire pits for the deck that are beautiful and really inexpensive to build. It is sure to brighten up those outdoor spaces and you can choose different colored stones and other accents to make them match your existing outdoor décor.

Pallet Fire Pit Table Top Display Pallet Fire Pit Table Top Display


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