Pallet Ideas

Cool Pallet ideas

If you are pallet lover then you are going to like cool pallet ideas which all about preparation of different goods to improve your home structure and look.

Book Wooden box

Use the leftover pallets you have lying around the garden and transform them into a creative wonderful wooden box for placing books, magazines or throw pillows and place it next to your couch in the living room.

Book Wooden boxBook Wooden box

Pallet work Station

Every child needs a working station where he can learn, draw or read. It is an essential structural element in one’s life and you can create such one from a set of wooden pallets.

Pallet work StationPallet work Station

Wooden pallet shelving

Pallets and supports can merge into wonderful shelving ideas for your home.Leave the wood unfinished for a vibrant effect.

Wooden pallet shelving Wooden pallet shelving

Pallet wood swing

Decorate your child’s bedroom with a custom made pallet wood swing decorated with artificial flowers and transform his universe.

Pallet wood swing Pallet wood swing

Pallet wood luminaries

Candle light transform any room and atmosphere. Add vintage wood to the equation and you’ve got yourself a definite winner. Choose to cut the sides with a specific motif that will exude light in a delicate manner.

Pallet wood luminaries Pallet wood luminaries

Pallet wood bookends

We present you today a craft that through simple texture adds delicacy and beauty to any corner you intend it to be placed.

Pallet wood bookends Pallet wood bookends

Rustic vent hood

Improve the rustic vintage image of your kitchen with a pallet wood vent hood that will draw attention in an instant and empower the entire design. A darker wood tone will contrast beautifully with a pure white kitchen furniture.

Rustic vent hood Rustic vent hood

Pallet planter box

Spring is the most wonderful season so let its primary elements which are the flowers bloom and grow in a wonderful controlled environment. Create a pallet wood planter box and place it outdoors on your patio in full spring sun.

Pallet planter box Pallet planter box

Pallet vertical shelving

Shelving is one of the most easy and common pallet crafts you will find out there.It can add beauty, functionality and style to any blank wall in an instant. Embellish it will fresh cut flowers and family memories and photos to claim the craft your own.

Pallet vertical shelving


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