Pallet Projects

Cool pallet projects

Here we comes with cool pallet projects which show you the use of recycling pallet wood for making chairs, beds and other things require in your home as well and garden.

Vertical pallet planter

Shall we start with the most simple? Painted sections of pallets make such cool vertical planters! Just paint them or line it up with some fabrics.

Vertical pallet planter Vertical pallet planter

Pallet crates

Crates are perfect for bringing out drinks and utensils. These pallet wood crates are inspired by vintage farm crates, and get their gorgeous designs from an easy image transfer with just wax paper and water.

Pallet crates Pallet crates2

Pallet porch swing

You can make a swing by using pallet wood for rest and comfort in summer days. It may be painted or stain for better look.

Pallet porch swing Pallet porch swing

Outdoor pallet room

An entire outdoor room made of pallets, from the living wall, wood floor, to furniture!

Outdoor pallet room Outdoor pallet room

Pallet chandelier

Such a fun way to add ambiance – a pallet chandelier! It’s easy to DIY this one, just use these Screw Hooks to hang the glass jars, and add LED Tea light Candles.

Pallet chandelier Pallet chandelier

Pallet wine rack

If you are looking for some fun with champagne in candle light then this wine rack ideas provide you space to keep wine bottles and even glass. Paint or stain it for more rustic look.

Pallet wine rack Pallet wine rack

Pallet wine cooler

If you like your wine chilled then this idea is better, just made a cooler out of pallets put some ice and keep all your bottles in it .

Pallet wine cooler

Pallet lemonade stand

During summer it’s better to drink some lemon water so to get relieve from the hot summer.

Pallet lemonade stand Pallet lemonade stand

Pallet mirror and shelving

Create this useful set without spending a dime and infuse a dose of rustic ambiance into your bathroom. Treat the wood with oil to bring out its wonderful texture.

Pallet mirror and shelving Pallet mirror and shelving

Pallet colorful table

Merge a set of wooden pallets, add wheels and a bright pop tone, finishing it all up with glass/mirror surfaces and complete your living room with a fun vibrant coffee table.

Pallet colorful table Pallet colorful table


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