Pallet Ideas

Creative Wooden Pallet ideas

Creative wooden pallet ideas help you to remodeled and transformed wood pallet which can be turned into beautiful pieces of art. Wood pallets can be recycled into beautiful home items that are going to add beauty whereas simple home items would have just given a bland look or feel. Wood pallets can be recycled to make coat hangers, coffee tables and even bar tables.

DIY Pallet Planter

Spring is taking over our gardens and there is no better time than the present to start preparing your garden for this blooming fresh season. Use old wooden pallets to create a risen planter with drilled holes in its sides. Fill the created box with soil and fill the holes with flowers.

DIY Pallet Planter

Pallet Multi-functional wall for garage

Keeping an organized garage can turn out to be a challenge but by creating a tool wall out of a few wooden pallets you will save a lot of time. Simply attach the pallets to an empty wall and create all sort of supports rising from it from which you can hang your tools and materials.

Vintage Vibes in Bathroom Cart

Vintage wood, candle light, fresh soap, wicker and lavender all come together and merge into creating a truly relaxation bathroom cart with a French vibe, suitable for any interior decor.

Vintage Vibes in Bathroom Cart

Pallet coffee table

Today is a pallet coffee table adorned with wheels for increased maneuvering and a fresh coat of white paint to increase the chances of blending this furniture piece in.

Pallet coffee table Pallet coffee table

Pallet Heart Wall Art

Wooden pallets come to fill such an empty spot in contrast with colorful yarn shaped in a creative manner.

Pallet Heart Wall Art Pallet Heart Wall Art

Outdoor Pallet furniture set

We encourage you to invest your time and effort into creating a wonderful versatile pallet furniture set for the outdoors with the exact purpose of encouraging you and your loves ones to spend quality time together in the freshness of your garden.

Outdoor Pallet furniture set Outdoor Pallet furniture set

Gorgeous Pallet chandelier

The texture and naturalness of a piece of wood can be but to value and exploited even further by the addition of warm light sources meant to diffuse their cozy shimmer and empower the actual wood piece even further.

Gorgeous Pallet chandelier Gorgeous Pallet chandelier


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