Pallet Projects

DIY Wooden Pallet project

As wood is getting scarcer, wooden furniture is becoming more expensive, sought after and valuable. DIY wooden pallet project provide you a creative, earth-friendly, and inexpensive way to add some wood to your home décor.

Wood Pallet Bathroom Basins

You will need to run pipes for plumbing if you want washroom basins fully functional so it’s a time consuming process. Start with the plumbing and build the pallet shelves afterwards. Just measure the dimensions and use a temporary fascia. Then, replace the temporary fascia with a stack of pallets.

Wood Pallet Bathroom Basins

Industrial Coffee Table and Chairs

All you need some pallet stack in good condition, add glass sheet for making table with glass top.Paint or stain it for more rustic look so that it suited to your home décor.

Industrial Coffee Table and Chairs Industrial Coffee Table and Chairs

Simple Computer Desk

Pallet wood furniture doesn’t have to look dingy or cheap. You can buy brand new pallets and re-purpose them for just about any home design project. Check out this small computer table. It features one single pallet turned upside down. You can fill in the gaps with an epoxy resin. The slots can be used for storage space.

Simple Computer Desk

Mini Kitchen Curio

This delightful little curio cabinet is made of deconstructed wood pallets. There aren’t any single standalone pieces here. Each level is made of about a quarter panel. This design features heavy-duty pallets. You can luck up and find some in good condition or order your own brand new. This is a small cabinet, but a moderate skill level build. The drawers require metal runners on either side to guide them into the wood.

Mini Kitchen Curio Mini Kitchen Curio

Wall-mounted Wine Rack

It’s a great way to bridge those two rooms in your home. This design features a deconstructed single pallet piece. Finish it off with a deep, rusty stain color and you’re sure to get lots of approving nods.

Wall-mounted Wine Rack Wall-mounted Wine Rack

DIY Media Rack

It’s slightly more technical and time-consuming than a single pallet piece. Yet, once it’s finished, this media rack will be the envy of all your house guests. You will need to select smaller pieces of wood to hold the magazines and books in place and another large flat board to create the easel effect in the back.

DIY Media Rack


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