Pallet Ideas

Pallet indoor home ideas

Pallet indoor home ideas help you to make different furniture items at lower cost by using pallet wood which easily available and convertible to anything.

Rustic Pallet shelving

Due to already gone through the cutting process, pallet wood can make great shelving patterns and styles for you blank home walls. We have used a rustic skid which we got from the road side and made this DIY pallet shelving scheme through it for our blank wall area. We have raised it in red metallic shade of paint for an arresting and visually pleasing look.

Rustic Pallet shelving Rustic Pallet shelving

Pallet Side Table with Star

Pallet wood has been most time crafted to get tables as we need them almost everywhere in home. Check another great example of pallet table, the DIY pallet side table with star monogram, really cool pallet living room furniture idea to support the chairs and sofas.

Pallet Side Table with Star

Kitchen Pallet Wall Shelf

This DIY pallet kitchen rack has been handcrafted using pallet skids and can do a great job in your kitchen. You can store you spices jars and other material of the kitchen over the shelves which can be increase and decrease to any number you desire.

Kitchen Pallet Wall Shelf Kitchen Pallet Wall Shelf

Rustic Pallet Wall Paneling

You can also go for paneling and covering of your home wall with pallets just like shown in this DIY pallet wall paneling project which is super feasible to do. The side walls of a chic kitchen island have been covered with pallet pieces to provide it a rustic texture.

Rustic Pallet Wall Paneling Rustic Pallet Wall Paneling

Pallet Baby Gate

You can use this DIY pallet baby gate idea to make them stopped and unable to access the stairs. This smart use of pallet wood is multi functional as you can apply this idea to your garden fences, home decks and everywhere where you want to block some unexpected entries of your kids and pets.

Pallet Baby Gate Pallet Baby Gate

Pallet Dog Bowl Holder

We have shaped up this time a DIY pallet hexagonal dog bowl holder using the pallet wood. This really came up with a fetching and overcoming design that you dogs or cats will just love it!! We have raised it in dog bone shape design that really makes it specified and exclusive for dogs.

Pallet Dog Bowl Holder Pallet Dog Bowl Holder


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