Pallet Living Room

Pallet Living Room Ideas

Pallets can be used for different pallet living room ideas to make it better at lower cost using pallet wood which is easily available at any store.

DIY Sofa with Storage

Take your DIY to the next level with this sofa with storage. You can paint or stain it so that it suits to your living room. You can store your books and magazines in this storage space.

DIY Sofa with Storage DIY Sofa with Storage

Pallet Bookshelf

Store your books in a stylish and artistic bookshelf made from pallets. It organize your books so also look amazing than your books spread in all room.

Pallet Bookshelf Pallet Bookshelf

Pallet Furniture Set

It is a very easy project you can finish in as little as 3-4 hours. You save money and get new furniture too at low budget using recycled pallet wood. Paint or stain it to improve its durability.

Pallet Furniture Set Pallet Furniture Set

Pallet Photo Frames

Hang your family portraits creatively with this step-by-step pallet photo frame. This unique and creative way will surely make your photographs memorable.

Pallet Photo Frames. Pallet Photo Frames

Pallet Art

Make the living room come alive with interesting artwork that even the kids can enjoy with this project. Though their project did not work out at first, they were resilient, which is why they were able to create this awesome piece of artwork.

Pallet Art Pallet Art

Decorative Pallet Shelf

This Decorative Pallet Shelf only took one pallet board, a little glue, a few screws to complete, and turned out quite well! We built this when my son visited and essentially told me that he was running out of space for his Blue-ray collection.

Decorative Pallet Shelf Decorative Pallet Shelf

Amazing Pallet Wine Castle

You can create this Amazing Pallet Wine Castle for a unique way to store wine bottles. I constructed this from pallets and wine crates.

Amazing Pallet Wine Castle

Pallet Heart Clock

Anything your heart desires,” including this charming heart-shaped clock made from pallets. The first time I built a pallet heart clock, it was a gift for a friend’s wedding. The original one had a photograph of the happy couple transferred onto the clock face.

Pallet Heart Clock


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