Pallet Ideas

Upcycled Pallet Ideas

From sofas to raised gardens, Upcycled pallet ideas help you how to transform wooden shipping pallets into eco-living solutions for your home or garden.

Pallet Bed Frame

All a bed frame really does is raise your mattress off of the floor and several pallets simply laid out can achieve just this. only one layer of pallets may be used, but if you favour a higher bed then multiple pallets could be stacked with fixings add some cushions for improve comfort.

Pallet Bed Frame

Pallet Arm chair

Grab yourself some pallets and tools and get down to making some diy pallet chairs. Put your creativity to work and welcome the upcoming spring with self-made chair. You can customize it according to size, color or the style that you want.

Pallet Arm chair Pallet Arm chair

Compost Bin made of Upcycled Wood Pallets

Four vertically arranged pallets secured together can form the ideal compost bin for your garden. A compost bin is a simple structure but one which can end up being irritatingly expensive to buy at garden shops. The parallel gaps between the planks in a pallet make the perfect breathing holes for your organic material to compost.

Compost Bin made of Upcycled Wood Pallets Compost Bin made of Upcycled Wood Pallets

Shed from wooden pallets

Used pallets for flooring, framing, and an outer covering of the shed. The metal roofing is from food service size tin cans that were flattened and attached as shingles. The entire roof has been spray painted with copper metal paint.

Shed from wooden pallets Shed from wooden pallets

Pallet path for garden

Garden paths not only mark the safe places in your garden to walk, they give your garden a sense of completeness, dimension, and charm. Garden paths come in many styles and it is up to you to determine not only which style fits your garden best, but which you can commit yourself to creating and maintaining. It is most cost effective and durabale for period of time.

Pallet path for garden

DIY Toddler Pallet Adirondack Chair

You can build this small version of pallet chair even if you are no having good hands of carpenting. After preparation paint it with any shade you desire for any of modern, shabby chic and vintage appeal. Milky paint shade has been given as a theme colors to this accent pallet chair that makes it classical yet stylish.

DIY Toddler Pallet Adirondack Chair


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