Pallet Projects

Wooden Garden Pallet projects

It might surprise you to discover how much you can do with a wood pallet. Wooden Garden Pallet projects show how you can transform this cast-off into various outdoor and indoor decorating accents for useful, beautiful pieces, tables, beds, and chairs.

Indoor pallet vertical garden

Invite the natural element in by creating a basic simple vertical garden from a simple yet gorgeous wooden pallet and a set of mason jars filled with plants and herbs. Add a few extra mason jars to serve as candle holders and infuse a warm light that pushes this project to the statement of wall art.

Indoor pallet vertical garden Indoor pallet vertical garden

Creating Shelving Unit Out OF Wooden Ladder

Wooden ladder has been used as the body for a pallet furniture shelf piece. Adorned properly this versatile creation can become a focal point in your living room.

Creating Shelving Unit Out OF Wooden Ladder

Mint Wooden Pallet planting center

If you are an intense gardener who takes his job very seriously than you will definitely need to create a potting and planting command center where you can organize and store all your gardening tools and seeds. Choose a fresh tone such as the mint green below for an extra touch.

Mint Wooden Pallet planting center Mint Wooden Pallet planting center

Pallet herb garden

You can take a simple wooden pallet and transform it into a useful beuatiful vertical herb garden in a blink of an eye. Simply add bottoms to your actual planting area and a set of legs for the planter to be free-standing.

Pallet herb garden

Pallet Insect hotel

You are searching for creating an insect hotel that should take up a place in your garden. Invite butterflies bees and other such creatures into your green heaven and encourage the natural order of things.

Pallet Insect hotel Pallet Insect hotel

Wooden Pallet Garden Shed

Transform a corner of your garden into a useful garden shed for tools and storage by using a series of wooden pallets assembled together. Encourage plants and vines to take it over.

Wooden Pallet Garden Shed Wooden Pallet Garden Shed

Wooden pallet raised garden bed

A spring herb garden can be created by using wooden pallets as raised garden beds, protecting yourself from occasional animal attacks on your greenery. Another incredible benefit of using raised beds is comfort.

Wooden pallet raised garden bed Wooden pallet raised garden bed


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